Spring is here and you may already be spending more time outdoors. Patio furniture is a great investment to make your deck more comfortable and relaxing. Before spending money, learn about the styles and materials available. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing patio furniture for your outdoor living spaces.

Patio Furniture Materials

When purchasing outdoor furniture, look for materials that are best for your climate. You can choose from metal, wicker, wooden or plastic pieces, each with its pros and cons.

Metal patio furniture is made from steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. If your area is prone to strong winds, aluminum furniture may not be the best choice because it is so lightweight. Iron is heavy, more difficult to move, and needs more maintenance to prevent rust. Steel is another great option, but steel gets hot in the sun. Plan to purchase cushions to make your metal furniture more comfortable.

Plastic furniture is often the least expensive option for outdoor furniture. It isn’t as sturdy as metal nor as heavy. Plastic is excellent at repelling water but it can get hot in the sun.

Natural or synthetic wicker are popular materials for outdoor furniture. This woven material is attractive and lightweight. Real wicker furniture can be pricey and it is better for covered areas or enclosed porches. Extended exposure to damp weather can result in mold and mildew. Synthetic wicker is better for year-round outdoor use. It’s easy to clean and fairly weather-resistant.

Wooden patio furniture is made from pressure-treated pine or more expensive woods like cedar, redwood, and teak. Hardwoods are more durable because of their natural oils, but any wooden furniture will need to be refinished regularly to stay in good shape. Wood has a natural appeal and doesn’t get as hot as plastic and metal from the summer sun.

Choose Patio Furniture that Fits Your Space

Are you shopping for furniture for a small deck or a large patio? A balcony may only have space for a small table and chairs, while a paved backyard patio might have room for an outdoor sectional, fire pit, and end tables. Measure your space so you’ll know if the furniture you like will fit the area.

Outdoor Furniture Should Be Comfortable

To encourage friends and family to use the deck, patio, or courtyard, choose seating that is inviting and cozy. If the set you purchase doesn’t include cushions, shop to find ones that fit.

Include throw pillows on your outdoor couch and maybe a blanket for chilly evenings. In an area where the concrete, pavers, or decking materials tend to be hot, add an all-weather rug to the space. A rug adds a splash of color, defines the seating area, and protects bare feet.

Choosing Patio Furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, consider what is best for your house. What is the purpose of the furniture? Do you need a lot of seating for entertaining friends and family? A modular outdoor sofa set could be a great purchase for your patio.

You might want a laptop table if you’ll be working outside on pleasant days. Maybe your family enjoys eating outdoors when the weather is nice. You’ll find nice dining tables and chairs designed for outdoor use. Comfortable furniture can encourage kids to get out of the house and spend time away from video games and television screens.

Patio furniture makes your outdoor living spaces cozier and more inviting. You’ll find seemingly endless options to extend the comfort of your home to the deck, porch, or patio.

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