Potential homebuyers hope to find a house in good condition that’s move-in ready. There are some electrical upgrades that provide a great return on your investment, boosting your home’s value and appeal. Here are some electrical improvements to consider making when selling your home.

Inspect and Replace Wiring as Part of Your Electrical Improvements

When you are selling your home, you don’t want the buyer’s inspector to find an electrical problem that will potentially delay the sale. Hire an inspector to check the electrical system and other components before you list the home. This way, you can make any repairs and upgrades in advance. You’ll be able to confidently use the electrical improvements as a selling point.

Make Electrical Improvements by Adding, Moving, or Replacing Outlets

If your home was built before microwaves and personal computers were commonplace in the home, it may not have enough electrical outlets for 21st-century lifestyles. Even newer homes sometimes have poorly located outlets or an insufficient number of outlets per room. Extension cords on the floor detract from the look of a room and can also be a tripping and fire hazard.

Bedrooms, or rooms that were converted to bedrooms decades ago, may not have enough outlets for the number of devices that we use today. You may need to add or move outlets to accommodate the short power cords of window air conditioners, electronic devices, and medical equipment such as CPAP machines. An additional outlet per room also allows you to locate lighting strategically. Well-lit living spaces go a long way in staging a house. Just make sure your circuit breaker has the capacity for more outlets.

Add a Circuit Breaker

Do you know if your electrical panel is at capacity? Overloading a circuit breaker is a hazard that can damage your wiring or even start a fire. You may need another circuit to support additional power outlets, or you might have to replace the entire panel. A new, upgraded electrical panel is an appealing selling point.

Change Outdated Fixtures

Updating lights and ceiling fans is a relatively low-cost, yet effective way to make your home more appealing. If your fixtures are more than 10 years old, replace them with more modern styles to make the home feel newer. If you really want to give the interior a boost, get rid of dust-collecting glass light fixtures. Install dimmable recessed lighting instead.

Electrical improvements can enhance both the functionality and safety of the home. Even if you are an experienced DIYer, electrical work should be performed by a licensed electrician.

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