Garages easily become cluttered when people put things there that they don’t want inside the house. Without effective garage storage solutions, everything ends up in a disorganized mess. Use these storage ideas so that everything in your garage has a designated place

Garage Storage Solutions for Shelving

One of the most essential storage solutions for garages is heavy-duty shelving. Purchase free-standing shelves to place along the walls of the garage. Garage shelving units are made from metal or sturdy plastic and are very heavy so they won’t tip over. Store items on the shelves in clear plastic bins so you can easily see the contents. Keep like-items in the same bin and label it appropriately.


Installing a pegboard to the garage wall is easy and useful for storing tools. Use hooks to hang any tool or smaller device that has a hole on its handle. Hang compartments on the pegboard to hold even smaller things like nails and screws. Pegboard is a simple and affordable way to get the most out of garage wall space.

Garage Storage Solutions for the Ceiling

Many homeowners don’t think about ceiling space when it comes to garage storage. Install racks that hang from the ceiling and use bins to store infrequently used items, like holiday decorations and other seasonal things. Keep a ladder or step stool in the garage to easily access these bins.

Fold-Down Workbench

If you like working on projects in your garage, you’ll need some kind of table or workbench. A workbench takes up a lot of valuable space, so install one that folds up against the wall when not in use.

Rack for Long-Handled Tools

You can buy a standalone rack for long-handled tools or install the rack to the wall. Have one rack designated for outdoor garden tools like rakes, hoes, and shovels, and another rack for indoor cleaning supplies like mops and brooms.

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