Buying a home is more difficult than simply browsing online listings until you find one you like. However, looking online is a good place to start. From online listings, you can narrow down homes that you would like to tour in person. If you don’t live in the same area that you are buying a home, virtual 3D tours are a useful tool. Here are 5 ways to level up your home search online.

Set the Location for Your Home Search Online

When it comes to buying real estate, all the experts say that location is key. If you have a strong preference for an area you want to live in, be specific about it in your home search online. Enter in the town, zip code, or neighborhood that you prefer. If you are using Zillow, you can even draw a custom boundary around multiple areas on the map.

Narrow Down the Size

If you have any requirements for the size of your new house, enter these in your search. Perhaps you know that you need more than one bathroom, or that you need a certain amount of bedrooms to accommodate your entire family. Don’t waste time sifting through listings of homes that simply aren’t big enough.

Indicate Specific Features

Real estate websites allow you to filter so you can look at only the homes with certain features that you want. You might want to upgrade to a home that has a swimming pool or a waterfront view. Maybe you must have a garage or basement in your new home. Check off the boxes for any features that are non-negotiable for you.

What Type of Property Are You Looking For?

On any real estate website, there are various types of residential properties listed. You may only be looking for one specific type of property, so don’t waste time looking through homes that you would never buy. The property types are single-family home, multi-family home, condo, townhouse, manufactured home, and land/lot for sale. Check off only the types of properties that you are interested in.

Set the Cost for Your Home Seach Online

Last but not least, enter your budget into your search. There is no point in looking at homes that you can’t afford; in fact, it is frustrating and discouraging. Be realistic about your budget by considering your pre-approval amount and other expenses.

Other Ways to Find a Home

While looking online for a home is helpful to find out what is available, it is not the only step in finding a home. Hire a qualified real estate agent to help you when searching for a home to buy. He or she will guide you through all the steps, from setting up appointments to making an offer and negotiating. Real estate agents also know about available homes before they are listed online. So, don’t rely solely on the internet when buying a home.

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