If you’re remodeling your house or tackling a few simple upgrades, re-painting a room is often part of the process. Painting is an inexpensive and easy DIY project. You only need a few supplies to transform the look of a space. Choose your colors and follow these tips to paint your home like a pro.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

When trying to decide on a color, think about the mood of the room and colors that appeal to you. Look at your favorite pieces of clothing, art, or a rug that you love. The colors may inspire you in your paint selection.

Generally, people choose calming colors for bedrooms and use more vibrant hues in busier rooms, like the kitchen. Your local hardware store can provide paint swatches for you to take home and compare to your surroundings. Check out a color wheel to choose complementary colors or go with safer neutral tones if you’re planning to sell the home soon.

Purchase Quality Materials

A paint specialist at the hardware store will help you determine what type of paint will be best for your project. If you know the square footage of the space, he or she can also help you figure out how many gallons you’ll need.

Purchase quality brushes and paint rollers. Better paint and tools will mean a smoother application. You’ll also need to buy painter’s masking tape, painting trays, and tarps or drop cloths.

Prepare the Space

Prepare the walls by using putty or joint compound to repair holes and cracks. Sand the area smooth and wipe down the walls with a damp cloth, making sure the walls are dry before painting.

Next. remove the furniture from the room. If it cannot be relocated, move it to the center of the space and cover the furnishings with tarps or plastic sheeting. Spread your drop cloths on the floor. Remove outlet and switch plate covers and use painter’s tape to mask window sills and molding. Use a putty knife to press the tape into place.

Mix Your Paint

If your project only requires a gallon of paint, simply stir it well with a mixing stick. If you will be using several gallons, combine them all into one large bucket and mix well. You can use a paint stirrer or purchase a mixing drill bit to blend the paint. Mixing ensures the paint will be a uniform color when you apply it to the walls.

Use a Primer

Covering your walls with a base coat of primer hides stains, makes your new color appear more vibrant, and helps the paint adhere to the wall. Primer can be applied using a paint roller. Use a white primer under lighter shades and a gray primer beneath darker colors.

Paint Your Home

Using a brush, apply the paint carefully near the ceiling and trim. Use a roller to spread paint on larger areas, moving in a ‘W’ shape to help prevent roller marks.

Apply the paint and spread it smoothly across the wall beginning near the ceiling and working down. Complete one wall before moving on to the next. When the paint feels dry to the touch, you can apply a second coat.

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