Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you just want to spruce it up, follow these easy and affordable tips to improve curb appeal.

Clean or Replace Mailbox to Improve Curb Appeal

The first thing most visitors will see when they approach your home is your mailbox. Since the mailbox is often neglected by homeowners, this is a good place to start when you want to improve curb appeal. 

If your mailbox is in good shape and just grimy, add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water and use a scrub sponge to clean it off. To remove mold and mildew from a plastic mailbox, spray it with distilled white vinegar and then rinse it thoroughly. If your mailbox is dented or otherwise falling apart, replace it with a new one to make all the difference in your curb appeal.

Paint Your Front Door

A fresh coat of paint makes anything look brand new. If your door’s in good shape but looking a little tired, choose a bold, vibrant new color for your entryway. While you’re at it, replace your welcome mat, set up comfortable furniture, and add some potted plants to give some extra color and life to the space.

Tidy up the Yard

Keep your lawn mowed, your flower beds weeded and mulched, and remove sticks, leaves, and other debris as needed. Make sure any children’s toys are out of sight in the backyard and don’t leave random things lying about in your front yard. When your yard is tidy, your house appears well-kept and maintained.

Add Lights to Your Landscape

Outdoor lighting helps to improve curb appeal after dark. A well-illuminated property not only looks warm and inviting, but it’s safer for guests and also helps to boost home security. Thieves are less likely to approach homes with outdoor lighting and fewer shadows. Check your local hardware store or online for solar, electric, and battery-powered options for your property.

Pressure Wash Your Home to Improve Curb Appeal

A clean home tells visitors you care about home maintenance. Rent a pressure washer or hire a company to clean your property for you. A pressure washer works great on siding, driveways, decks, sidewalks, and patios. Once the stubborn layer of grime is gone, everything will look fresh, new, and well-maintained.

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