When cleaning your home, there are sometimes spots that get overlooked. While these may be out of sight, it is still important to clean them. Below are ten places that are commonly missed during spring cleaning.

Places You May Miss While Spring Cleaning

1. The Mattress

Your mattress naturally collects dust and other allergens. Regularly cleaning your mattress can help extend its lifespan and keep the space fresh. To clean the mattress, remove and wash all the bedding, pillowcases, and comforters. Then sprinkle baking soda over the surface of the mattress and vacuum it after a few hours.

2. Doorknobs, Light Switches, and Handles

Light switches, doorknobs, and handles are some of the most touched items around the home. This makes them some of the dirtiest spots that often get overlooked during spring cleaning. You can easily keep these clean with disinfecting wipes or spray.

3. Missed Places During Spring Cleaning Include Beneath Appliances

Another spot that often slips the mind to clean is the space underneath and behind your appliances. This includes the space underneath your fridge, stove, washing machine, and microwave. While this takes time and effort, it is vital to clean these spaces.

4. Window Screens

Window screens can collect dust and dirt while letting fresh air into your home. To clean your window screen, soak them in warm, soapy water and gently scrub away any debris. Then rinse and let them air dry.

5. Trash Cans

While you may take out the trash often, bacteria builds up on the can itself. Deep clean your trash can regularly. To clean your trash can, simply take it outside and spray it with a hose. If any food is stuck on, use dish soap to scrub it off.

6. Missed Places During Spring Cleaning: Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is another kitchen appliance that seems like it should be keeping itself clean. However, this isn’t the case. Easily clean your dishwasher by running a cycle with a cup of vinegar. Do this at least once a month to eliminate any leftover mineral deposits.

7. Washing Machine

The washing machine often gets overlooked during spring cleaning. However, cleaning your washing machine regularly can help it run efficiently while also extending the lifespan of the appliance. When cleaning the appliance, clean the outside of the machine along with the rubber gasket around the lid. To clean the drum, run a warm water cycle with bleach.

8. Include Curtains in Spring Cleaning

Curtains often get forgotten because they don’t need frequent cleaning. While some curtains are machine washable, others may require special cleaning. Clean your curtains at least once every year.

9. Computer

Your computer, tablet, and smartphone also collect quite a bit of bacteria and should be cleaned often. While many may just clean the screens, you should also pay attention to your mouse and keyboard. Dust and dirt often fall between the keys and should be cleaned to help extend the lifespan of your devices.

10. Door and Window Trim

Dust accumulates on the door and window trims around your home. It’s easy to wipe the dust off with a microfiber cloth.

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