Assembling a Tool Collection

Every homeowner needs a basic set of tools to help them handle simple repairs around the house. Having the right tool for a job means you can tackle issues and upgrades yourself, saving time and money on home improvement projects. Here are essential tools for homeowners to keep in their toolbox.

A Hammer is One of the Essential Tools for Homeowners

A hammer is a must-have tool for every homeowner. It can be used to hang pictures, remove nails, break tile, and assemble furniture. A regular claw hammer works fine for most repairs, but if you plan to do large-scale projects, invest in a framing hammer. This type of hammer has a longer handle for more leverage and the extra weight in the head makes it great for driving nails.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of the most useful tools for homeowners. Use it to measure the size of a room, the space for a new couch, length of decking boards, etc. When purchasing a tape measure, choose one that is made of sturdy material with a locking mechanism so it doesn’t retract on its own when you’re using it.

Screwdrivers are Important Tools for Homeowners

To handle most types of projects, purchase a screwdriver set that includes both Phillips and flat-head tips. Phillips screws are a common type of fastener, so it’s a good idea to have a tool that is specifically designed for them.

Flat-head screws are less common but are still found in many places. Your toolbox should contain several screwdrivers of different sizes. Alternatively, purchase a tool with changeable tips so you can switch between various sizes of Phillips and flat-head bits.

Hex Keys

You may have hex keys around if you purchase ready-to-assemble furniture. As a homeowner, you’ll want a full set containing different sizes. A hex key, also known as an Allen wrench, is used for screws that have a hexagonal-shaped indention in the middle. Many different items around the house use these screws, and you will only be able to loosen them with this tool.

Tools for Homeowners include a Cordless Drill

A drill is a versatile tool that is used for drilling holes, making pilot holes for screws, and removing screws. Purchase a battery-powered cordless drill so you’ll be able to tackle projects in areas without electricity. You’ll find drill bits for different materials such as metal, masonry, plastic, and wood. Purchase a set so you’ll have the correct bit for the material you’re working with.


As your collection of tools grows, you’ll need a place to store your tools in an easy-to-access location. Choose a sturdy toolbox with compartments or pockets to safely store tools and fasteners. Look for one with a rubber lining so the tools don’t slide around when you’re carrying it.

A well-stocked toolbox will come in handy around the house. When you take care of small projects and repairs on your own, you save money because you won’t need to hire a professional for minor improvements.

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