Many homeowners benefit from having a basement, yet they don’t use the space to its full potential. An unfinished basement is most often used for storage. Finishing your basement offers several perks, including creating more usable space and improving the value of your home. If you are interested in ways to upgrade your basement, you’ll find a few tips below.

1. Lighting to Upgrade the Basement

Creative lighting is one of the best ways to upgrade the basement without much effort. Experiment with lighting angles to make a space appear larger or cozier based on your preferences.

Lighting can help overcome various problems, including low ceilings and insufficient natural light. A multi-layered lighting technique offers flexibility for different activities. Use the space for work during the day and for entertainment in the evenings.

Track lighting fixtures provide ample illumination and switches can be installed in several locations across the space. You might also install task lighting. Floor and table lamps provide light for more specific tasks. Install fixtures with LED bulbs to help you save on energy costs.

2. Paint Your Ceiling

Most people spend time painting the walls and overlook the advantages of painting the ceiling. Choosing a light color, like white, brightens the room and creates the impression of more space and height.

To effectively paint your ceiling, apply a layer of primer and two coats of paint. This will hide any stains or discoloration. If your ceilings aren’t finished, consider painting the materials and structures in the ceiling with matte black to disguise them. Although it’s a more unconventional technique, it can be highly effective. For a more industrial look, mask copper pipes before painting the rest of the ceiling black.

3. Install Flooring to Upgrade Your Basement

Upgrading flooring or adding rugs is an effective way of improving the basement. Although it may seem like a simple addition, a carefully-selected rug can change the feel of a room. In addition to giving the room some character, a rug makes it feel warmer and cozier. When choosing floor coverings, use a large rug for the space. This gives the impression of a bigger room.

If your basement’s floor is susceptible to flooding, invest in a waterproof rug that is designed for indoors and out. Outdoor living has become a trend, leading to the availability of stylish outdoor rugs that can also be used in basements. They are made from material that sheds water quickly and is resistant to mold.

Whether you need a guest room, a place to entertain, a play area for your kids, or simply a space to relax, finishing your basement is worth the investment. Consider these basement upgrades the next time you are planning home improvements.

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