The summer heat can wreak havoc on anything outside, and your garden is no exception. You don’t want the time and effort you put into growing vegetables and flowers to be wasted. Here are some of the best ways to help your garden survive summer.

Make a Plan Before You Plant

Once plants are in the ground, moving them is inconvenient and sometimes impossible. As a result, do your research and learn how many hours of sunlight different parts of your yard receive. Every yard has microclimates, like shadier areas with very little sunlight and exposed portions that get upwards of 8 hours of sun in the summer. To help your garden survive summer, start by understanding your yard.

Be Cautious With Container Plants

Container plants give you greater versatility, as you can move them into the garage on a hot day or shift them around to receive more or less sun. However, they are more vulnerable to stress because the soil is exposed through the sides of the container. Traditional plants have roots that go deep beneath the earth to cooler areas. However, the sides of a plant’s container absorb heat. Container plants will require more water to stay healthy and survive the summer.

Help Your Garden Survive Summer With Portable Shade

Shade is an effective way to lessen the heat and sunlight that some plants in your yard experience, especially because moving plants isn’t always an option. To help your garden survive summer, use a shade cloth. This material is available in various transparency strengths, depending on the plants’ needs. Choose 40% transparency for veggies, 50% transparency for tomato plants, and 60% transparency for fruit and flowers.

Water the Garden Correctly

Inexperienced gardeners may water plants by hosing them down from a distance. While this wets the leaves and will be better than nothing, it won’t saturate the roots. When watering plants in your yard, water deeply and thoroughly, close to the roots. Watering in the morning is also better, as the water has time to soak into the soil before the sun evaporates it from the leaves.

Provide Extra Support to Help Your Garden Survive Summer

Depending on where you live, summer can bring winds and\ thunderstorms that damage young plants without support. Use stakes with ties, wire caging, or trellises to support plants that need extra help, like young trees, tomatoes, cucumbers, and vines. Take care when watering on windy days to prevent poor water absorption. Apply water near the base of the plant to saturate the soil.

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