A home office should be functional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative with your design. Read below for some inspirational home office ideas to try today and create a practical and enjoyable space.

Home Office Ideas: Maximize the Space

A home office doesn’t have to be a whole room in your home. Many people designate just a small place in a quiet area of their home as an office. Make sure whatever space you choose, such as a nook in the living room, basement, or attic, functions only as your office.

Keep the area clear of laundry, toys, and other clutter and distractions from around your home. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Use a sound machine to help promote a calm and focused work environment, especially if your office isn’t in the quietest part of the house.

 A Simple Home Office Idea: Natural Light is Key

Choose the room or area in your house with the most natural light to be your home office. And try this simple home office idea to brighten your space: keep windows clean and streak-free to let in as much light as possible, and dress your windows with lightweight curtains to encourage the best natural light. Look for semi-sheer fabric panels that allow light inside while still giving you privacy. If there are no windows, get a floor lamp to illuminate your desk area and workspace.

Discreet and Decorative Storage Options

A home office needs storage for papers, mail, electronics, and books, but it doesn’t have to be intrusive. Choose a desk with file-sized drawers and use folders to organize documents. Wall-mounted or over-the-door organizers are another option, and they’ll help you get a better visual of how much paperwork and supplies you have available.

Personalize Your Space

While a home office should be practical, it doesn’t have to be boring. Paint a wall in a bright accent color or hang vibrant artwork, such as interesting abstract pieces, for a bold statement. Use other accents to personalize your office, such as throw rugs, colorful storage bins, and plants.

When decorating your home and making it your own, don’t forget about your home office. Follow the above tips to make your home office a place where you can be productive and enjoy spending time.

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