An attic renovation can increase your property value and create functional space to work, sleep, or play if you have unused space upstairs. Many attic renovations are low-cost, and all will provide additional room for your family to enjoy. Here are some ideas for an attic renovation for your home below.

Studio Space

Attics provide valuable studio space for musicians, artists, photographers, and crafters. Install storage cabinets, finish the walls, and furnish the room with the tools of your trade to create a private, quiet space for your art.

Create an Extra Bedroom with Your Attic Renovation

If you need a guest bedroom – or have kids outgrowing a shared room, renovate the attic to create an additional bedroom. Carpet is a good flooring choice for an attic because it helps to muffle the noise from footsteps overhead. Make sure the room is heated and can be cooled adequately. Finish the walls, install carpeting, and add skylights to illuminate the attic bedroom.

Home Office

An out-of-the-way room is ideal for a quiet home office or study space. To make your office comfortable and your attic renovation worth the effort, install good lighting over the desk and chair. Throw rugs and acoustic foam also help reduce noise and aid concentration.

Attic Renovation: Playroom

Give your kids a dedicated playroom to get them out from under foot, and keep their toys contained in one area. You’ll need organized storage, a bookcase, and a table or desk. A carpet and extra lighting make the kids more comfortable while they learn and play.

Rec Room

Add a rec room to your living space in the attic. Install a home theater system, a Foosball or pool table, and comfortable seating. Add a minibar and dorm-size fridge if you expect to entertain guests or spend a lot of time in your rec room.

Other Ideas for an Attic Renovation

If you’re willing to put in the work of plumbing the attic, turn the upstairs space into an extra bathroom. This project involves more than just painting the walls; it will be worth it if your family fights for the shower every morning.

Although it isn’t far from its typical use as a storage room, adding a few organization fixtures will turn the small attic space into a large walk-in closet. Add shelving, hang mirrors, and build a wardrobe or two to store clothing and accessories. Exercise equipment that is difficult to fit in the living room can also find a home in the attic. 

Create a functional attic space that’s right for your family’s needs and your budget. You’ll increase the useable square footage and boost property value.

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